3 Engineering student Brothers from Chula University who entered the Real Estate world under the Company Big Tree Group, has brought their knowledge in administrating work with the same goal. That is to focus on developing in Professional Real Estate, be it factory, commercial building, Town Home/ Home office, condo and apartment. At present “Big Tree Group” has developed various different project from Suptawee Home Factory Project 1, Project 2, Project 3 and the latest Suptawee Home Factory Project 4 which are a ready-made Factory Project located at an Industrial area nearest to Bangkok. There also are, Town Home, Home Office Projects located in the middle of the city which are, The Master Project Udomsuk and The Master Project Onnut.

คุณพิสิษฏ์พงศ์ วรเศรษฐการกิจ
คุณรัฐพล วรเศรษฐการกิจ
คุณธีรพล วรเศรษฐการกิจ Big Three Group Board of Directors
Focus in Developing at Professional Real Estate
for your confidence in investment aspect.

News & Promotion

14 01 2018

Children’s day 2018

Big Three Property Perfect Company Limited (Suptawee Home FactoryProject) has he...

31 12 2017

Royal Kathin Ceremody of 2018 at Putakaya Temple, India.

Big Three Property Perfect Company Limited led by Mrs. Supha Worasetakarnkit has...

23 12 2017

Making Merit for the Project of 2017

On Saturday, 23rd December 2017. Suptawee Home Factory Project has made merit bu...