31 . 12 . 2017

Royal Kathin Ceremody of 2018 at Putakaya Temple, India.

Big Three Property Perfect Company Limited led by Mrs. Supha Worasetakarnkit has been honored to be Kathin President of the Ceremony, which the Worasetakarnkit Family has donated 4,000,000 baht along with another 1,458,794 baht from other relatives for a total of 5,458,794 baht. And has brought 128 guests to India to conduct the Royal Kathin Celebration Ceremony underneath the Sri Mahaphot tree where the Buddha has been enlightened. And also, conduct the ceremony at Thai Putakaya Temple, India, on 16th October 2018. Which is considered to be the Kathin (first Kathin) of King Rama 10th. We thank you for the merit from everyone who joined the ceremony as well as everyone else.